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Founded in 1998 by Peter Rothstein and Denise Prosek, Theater Latté Da is in its 18th year of combining music and story to illuminate the breadth of the human experience.

Peter and Denise began their successful collaboration in 1994 by privately producing five original cabarets to showcase Twin Cities talent. They discovered that by placing equal emphasis on music and storytelling, they could weave tapestries of engaging, challenging and often surprising narratives that resonated with people on many levels. Theater Latté Da officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1998 and to this day remains committed to a rigorous experimentation with music and story that expands the art form and speaks to a contemporary audience challenging us to think deeply about the world in which we live.

In 1998, Theater Latté Da began performing at the intimate 120-seat Loring Playhouse. By 2007, Theater Latté Da Productions were playing to sold-out houses. At this time, we began searching for spaces with different performance configurations to meet the unique needs of our productions. Since 2007, Theater Latté Da has produced shows at the Guthrie Theater, Ordway, Pantages Theatre, Southern Theater, History Theatre, Fitzgerald Theater, the Rarig Center Stoll Thrust Theatre, The Lab Theater, MacPhail Center for Music, and the Ritz Theater. Theater Latté Da is now emerging as a leader in the musical theater art form, having produced over 55 mainstage productions including 10 world premieres, 9 area premieres and dozens of productions celebrated for their bold re-imagination.


Theater Latté Da seeks to create new connections between story, music, artist, and audience by exploring and expanding the art of musical theater.


Theater Latté Da is celebrated locally and nationally as a beacon for advancing the art of musical storytelling through emotional, visceral, intellectual and ultimately transformative performances that resonate
with our current world.


We believe in work that is bold, collaborative and ultimately transformative; we act with integrity and gratitude.

For more information, please visit www.latteda.org

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