“A heartbreaking tribute to the men, who, in defiance of their commanders had the courage to affirm their common humanity.” 
– The New Yorker

All is Calm puts a human face on WWI”
– San Francisco Globe

“One of the top live events for Christmas in North America.”
– BBC Music Magazine

 “All is Calm—a theatrical concert—feeds our need for heroes, gives space to our dreams for human nobility,
allows us to approach the enigma of Christmas and puzzle over the miracle that has stopped enemies from killing each other for one day.”

– Minneapolis Star Tribune

“It’s not only an outstanding piece of musical theater, but a brilliantly executed production that understands that its power comes from its simplicity.”
– St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Peter Rothstein, Erick Lichte and their charges have given us a great gift this season, reinvesting the words ‘Peace on Earth’ with their true meaning.”
– Minneapolis Star Tribune

“All is Calm can transport audiences to parts of the heart rarely explored.” 
-St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Filled with grace, beauty and stillness.”
– Vancouver Presents

 “A classic to be repeated for years to come.” 
– Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A beautiful present for theater-goers.”
– St. Louis Post-Dispatch